Welcome to the OCPS Teacher Server

Now you don't have to remember a different password!

Username: Personnel Number
Password : Your OCPS password (Used to login to your computer)

Your web address will be http://teacher.ocps.net/first.last the first.last is your official name with OCPS. This is the name that appears at the beginning of your OCPS email.

The following links are resources to help you:

Getting your own website on the OCPS teacher.ocps.net server.

Take one of our two courses: (with either one you get a copy of Webblender)

    • Attend a one day training called "Easier Web Pages for Teachers".
    • Webblender online course.
    • To signup for either one, when available, go to Signmeup

Get access to the web publishing space and use the software of preference: (No software provided)

Detailed documentation on using WebBlender is available:

If you have a question or encounter a problem with your web account:

Group Wikis and Blogs

Getting status...

Publish your own blog, with drag-and-drop ease, using the built-in professional templates.

To create a blog, you must complete the same web procedures online presentation you need to complete for a website. If you already have a teacher website you will not need to view the presentation again. Just go to the Blog Page and click on the "Create Your Weblog" button.