Mr. Riccio


Superior Essay: Score of 8-9

____ Superior thesis

____ Sophisticated use of a substantial number of documents

____ Excellent use of outside information

____ Excellent analysis of key issues

____ Excellent use of concrete facts

____ Extremely well-organized essay

____ Addresses all areas of the prompt

____ Extremely well-written essay


Strong Essay: Score of 6-7

____ Strong thesis (contains general analysis)

____ Several documents used, may be more descriptive than analytical

____ Good use of outside info. (needs more)

____ Good analysis of key issues (needs more)

____ Well-organized essay

____ Addresses all areas of the prompt; may lack some balance between major areas

____ Well-written essay


Adequate Essay: Score of 5

____ Clear thesis needs general analysis

____ Adequate use of documents

____ Fairly well-organized essay

____ Addresses all areas of the prompt but essay may lack balance.

____ Includes some outside information (but clearly needs more)

____ Needs more analysis of key issues

____ Contains some evidence; more needed

____ May contain some historical errors

____ Contains facts irrelevant to the time period


Fair Essay: Score of 2-4

____ Undeveloped thesis (simple thesis)

____ Thesis does not fully address question

____ Few documents used, significant errors in document interpretation

____ Documents control the essay

____ Weak organization

____ Lacks outside information

____ Essay does not address one or more aspects of the question __________________

____ Lacks analysis of key issues

____ Lacks evidence to support main ideas

____ Contains major historical errors

____ Much irrelevant information to time period


Poor Essay: Score of 1

____ No documents used

____ No thesis

____ Facts not specific, accurate & relevant

____ Poor or no analysis of key issues


0 Essay: Did not do the question

___ Writes on topic completely different from the prompt

___ Little to no effort shown in preparation for essay