Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader is a motivational  program where children are tested for their individual reading levels, then they read books (only on their reading level) and then take a short comprehension test over the book.   We are fortunate to have access to every AR quiz ever made.  Besides comprehension tests, some books even have vocabulary quizzes and/or literacy skill quizzes.  In addition to our school library, students may find many of these titles in the public library or on their bookshelves at home.

Your child is required to take a certain number of AR quizzes (that are on their level) each week.  The following are your child's options: (1)Two non-chapter book comprehension quizzes or (2)One chapter book comprehension quiz.  Students can take more quizzes than the above options, but they must at least meet the required number of weekly quizzes.  

Below are two links for AR.  The first one is the offical Accelerated Reader website's seach engine.  It can search for a certain book and tell you what level it is.  The second link is the Orange County Public Library's AR search engine.  It searches for all the AR books in the public library system.

***Your child will write down his or her reading level in the label section of his or her agenda.***

When students go to the Media Center, they are required to get one AR book on their level and one free choice book.  That book can be an AR book not on their level (they can't take the quiz though,) a non-AR book, or another AR book on their level.  Students are encouraged to read books they are interested in, but in order to take an AR quiz on it, it needs to be on their level.