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Amigo Brothers Wrap Up Questions


Comprehension Questions

Answer the questions in complete sentences using details from the story to support your answer.

  1. Setting: Where does “Amigo Brothers” take place?
  2. How are Antonio and Felix similar?
  3. Use a set of words (two words) to COMPARE Antonio and Felix.
  4. Use a set of words (two words) to CONTRAST Antonio and Felix.
  5. In this story, what is the main problem?



Choose the best definition of the underlined word.

6. He tried to evade the teacher’s question about his homework.

    • ask
    • hear
    • avoid
    • answer

7. The elimination of shop class from our school made me mad.
    1. removal
    2. ending
    3. addition
    4. transition

8. The city demolished the building after the devastating fire.
  • rebuilt, huge
  • destroyed, badly damaging
  • fixed, badly damaging
  • ignored, accidental

Choose the form of advantage with the correct prefix.

9. I had a _______ in the race because I was injured.

    • preadvantage
    • unadvantage
    • readvantage
    • disadvantage

Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

10. The _______ popularity of Latino culture in the United States is exciting.

    • emerge
    • emergency
    • emerging
    • emergence

Extended Response Question

Which do you think was more important to Antonio and Felix –friendship or boxing? Explain your answer using information from the story to support your opinion.


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