Chapter 4-8 Review Questions

1.     Explain difference between folk and popular culture including origin and diffusion and give examples of each.

2.     Def taboo:  how do taboos impact food preferences and culture? Give an example.

3.     Are diffusion/consumption of jeans, alcohol, fresh produce examples of folk or popular culture?  What is the role of TV and Internet in this process?

4.     What are 3 threats to folk culture?

5.     Explain how popular culture modifies the environment and creates uniform landscapes.  Give examples of each.

6.     Def: language family, language branch, language group, language, dialect, creolized language, lingua franca.

7.     Explain the origin and diffusion of English in England and the English colonies.

8.     What are 4 differences between British and American English?

9.     What is the most spoken language family?  Draw out the Indo-European language family.

10.                        What is the second most spoken language family?  What is the most spoken language in this language family?  It is spoken mainly in which country?

11.                        What are 5 ways a culture/people can use to preserve their language/language diversity?  Give examples of each.

12.                        Def universalizing religions, ethnic religions:  List examples of each.

13.                        For both universalizing religions and ethnic religions, explain:  diffusion, origin, holy places, calendar, organization of space and authority and give examples of each.

14.                        What are the three branches and major denominations of Christianity?

15.                        What are the major beliefs of each of the major religions?

16.                        Explain how territorial conflicts arise due to religion versus government policies and explain 3 specific examples.

17.                        Explain how territorial conflicts arise due to religion versus religion and explain 3 specific examples.

18.                        Who and where are the 4 major ethnicities clustered in the United States?

19.                        What are the 3 different scales by which an ethnicity clusters?

20.                        What were the 3 major migration patterns of African Americans?

21.                        How do race and ethnicity differ?

22.                        Define and give an example of: State, Nation, Nation-State, Stateless Nation, Multi-Nation State

23.                        Define Centripetal Force & Centrifugal Force, for each give 3 factors and examples of those factors throughout the world.

24.                        Identify the cause and outcome of the following conflicts: Ethiopia, Lebanon,  South Asia, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia, Rwanda

25.                        Discuss the issues with the following states: North/South Korea, Taiwan

26.                        Describe 3 reasons why European countries took over foreign lands?

27.                        Name and provide an example of the 5 state shapes

28.                        Name and provide an example of the 6 borders

29.                        Contrast Unitary and Federal states

30.                        Define Supranationalism, provide 3 examples, discuss 3 effects

31.                        Define Devolution, provide 3 examples, discuss 3 effects